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About Hoperfy

The first ever, Travel solution for Impulsive Travellers is the first ever solution for impulsive travellers, who are tired of going through the same road travel search engines. 

Hoperfy team consists of travel junkies, developers, designers and we are fed up with the current sollution when we ourselfes just want to get a way for the weekend without making big plans or spending hours matching cheap flights with hotels and other attractions.

We noticed that all of the travel companies have the same business approach when it comes to offering where to go for your next vacation..

All of the travel websites offer the modeltell us where, when you wanna go, and we will sell it to you..

At Hoperfy we have a different approach, our team build a travel idea generator that: 

  • Sees your location

  • Generates travel ideas (flights + hotels) in real time

  • The more you swipe, the better ideas we will provide

  •  All the ideas are for short weekend trips

  • And it's free. 

Just if you want to book a Hoperfy weekend travel idea we add a small 10% fee, for our costumer support agents if there would be a problem before/during or after your trip. 

So if you think you just want to get a way for the weekend - try Hoperfy

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We have our beta up and running, but we would more then happy for you to try the app! 

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