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8 Must-knows for first time Travellers to Europe!

If it's your first trip abroad it could be a little intimidating, specially if you don't know where to travel or don't have a proper plan, just like - land in Barcelona and see where it takes me.

Well if you want to travel easy, you can try our travel inspiration app .

1. Have a travel plan!

This might sound as a no-brainer, but when traveling to Europe, plan your route, which cities and coutries.

It's really easy (and cheap) to travel between countries in Europe via. cheap airlines or trains.

So plan ahead. This will be much easier and you won't waste anytime while on vacation.

2. Pack light

Europe is quite cheap for food and clothes, so don't bother packing all your personal belongings to your European adventure.

If you need inexpensive clothes - Primark is the place to go!

Food, BicMac meal will set you around 4€ (about 5$).

3. Safety

Most of Europe is safe for tourist, just try to avoid going to a shady place and that's it. While that being said, pickpocketing is a big thing in major capitals of Europe - Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Berlin. So be cautious and don't leave your phone on the table while going away to the bathroom.

4. Tips

Tiping culture is way lower then in US. Europeans usually tip around 10-15% to waiters. Some bars/restaurants have the tip already included, it's called gratuity, so no need to tip a second time.

Tips in Europe is a form of thank you, it's not expected by default for everything!

5. Don't stay around in one place

As the title suggest, try to plan your trip everywhere, not just major cities or just history places.

For history - Paris, Rome, Berlin is perfect!

For night life - Barcelona, Ibiza, Amsterdam!

Bech lovers - Fuerteventura, Cap d'Edge, Croatia.

For VIP lifestyle - Monaco, London (it's not Europe, but we also add it to the list), Vilnius

6. Cash or Card?

With or without cash you will be safe in all Europe, practically 99% of places, taxis, services takes card.

7. Getting around in the city

Best options are always walking! But we know it's a long stretch, so the best options for traveling around in the city are:

BOLT - taxi app

UBER - taxi app

Local bikes/scooters to rent with the BOLT or a local app.

8. Internet!

One of the best places in the world for internet is Europe, specially country of Lithuania. Any place will have a really good free wi-fi connection, Just ask for the password! Local sim is always good, but if you're here not for long, then you shouldn't worry about it.

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