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Best places to Eat in Lisbon - Portugal!

Are you looking where to travel? Well Lisbon is one of the best choices when it comes to culture and food. Doesn't matter if you're a woman solo traveler or a family of 5 looking to have a good weekend getaway.

One of the most important things of vacation is...? Food

We at Hoperfy (theHopers) sat down and made a list of places what solo travellers and foodies would recommend to eat at Lisbon, Portugal.

See your our top picks for Places to Eat in Lisbon

  1. Estorias na Casa de Comida - link to the place

  2. Eneko Lisboa - link to the place

  3. Eleven - fine dinning

  4. Feitoria - Michelin star place!

  5. Loco

  6. Fifty Seconds - A place not just for food, but the whole experience

  7. 100 Maneiras - how do you like you steak?

  8. JNcQUOI Ásia - Yes, that's a strange name.

  9. Cantinho do Avillez - Parque das Nações - Three words - SHRIMP SHRIMP SHRIMP

  10. Alma

So this is our top pick for where to eat when traveling to Lisbon! But over the years traveling we found that not all stones are unturned to please share your favourite place in your city in the comments bellow

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