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Strangest travel restriction you'll see when traveling.

Traveling in Spain, careful - smoking outside is illegal

"It so happens to be, that when I sat down after a long flight in the first bar I saw by the beach (Mallorca), lighted up a cigarette and the waiter, quickly ran shouting - PUT IT OUT!, he said if I want to smoke, I should leave the table and go behind the corner, because during Covid-19, in Spain police gives out fines for people smoking in public" - Traveler Tadas

So yes, from the travel story, there was a time in Spain, last year, you couldn't smoke outside. The restriction was on a premise that when blowing out smoke, people can spread the virus via the cigarette smoke. Personally, we think it's a lil BS, but it's Spain, they are all a little bit crazy- But a very fun crazy!

South Africa - Beach is a no go!

In South Africa, it was a ban on selling alcohol, you had to wear a face mask and there was a curfew. Could it get any worse?

Yes it can said the government!

Despite the economical hole that everybody was in, the local governments also shut down the beaches, so if you want to take a walk or a swim at the beach, you must cross a "CLOSED" signed and risk of getting a fine or even being arrested by the local police. But when there's a will there's a way! Local people stared buying fishing permits, which gives access to the beach, and started re-selling the permits to the tourists on site.

Mexico - No Junk food for you!

Local governments of Tabasco and Oaxaca regions, banned junk food (sugary drinks and fast food) for people under 18 years old. The purpose of this ban is to stop the virus of spreading and be not eating junk food, people will be less obese and that's why they will be harmed less by Covid-19 virus. The law/ban was enforced in local shops, schools, fast food vending machines also the school cafeteria food that was considered junk food also got banned.

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