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Where to travel on a budget: Malta

We love to travel, but we love to save cash even more. When looking for a perfect weekend get-away destination, consider Malta!

Malta is a very small country that is an island, so you get two things for a price of one! We want to encourage to visit it, because of a few things that I will list bellow:

Direct flights with cheap airlines - RYANAIR and WIZZAIR to the rescue:

Malta has over 50 direct flights from Europe and the ticket prices are starting at 9.99€ Flights to Malta from Germany, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Israel and more..

So when you have a question of Where Should I Travel, consider looking up budget airlines for direct flights to Malta.

Best places to stay in Malta:

While we're on a topic of budget travel, consider looking for hotels in Malta which are located in a town of Bugibba. Hotels there start from 20€ a night. But note, that all Bugibba is known for the night life and younger travellers tend to stay there.

If you want something more to the culture side, then prepare to pay a little extra and choose to live in Valletta. A night could cost around 60€ a night per double room. But you will be staying in a really nice historic city.

Getting around in Malta:

Public transport is the way to go, when talking about getting around in Malta. 7 day ticket for public bus 21€ per person. The public transport system is very well established so you will have no problem going to your favourite places like the fisherman town of Marsaxlokk (good luck trying to pronounce it).

Rental car is also an option it's very cheap considering the prices of other islands - about 15€-20€ per day for a small city car. But note - parking is not free, so consider that!

Spending money

In the country of Malta, you can pay by cash or card, but how much euros should you take when visiting? Consider around 30€ per day, for a comfortable trip. It will be enough for food and evening vine. If you like to party and enjoy night life double that amount!

Do you have any tips we can add while visiting Malta? Leave them in the comments bellow

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